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It has been a while since we last posted and there's a good reason for that. Focus. Louis, the founder of CREAM, has been focusing on things other than self-promotion. Focusing on clients' businesses. Focusing on enjoying the summer of relative freedom. Focusing on planning for the future. Focusing on making the most of the present. Focusing on mental health. Focusing on life. I started CREAM as a way to help other businesses over everything else. It wasn’t to make a whole load of money, it w...

March 3, 2021

The Who, What and Why of Websites

If you’re reading this, chances are you know what a website is. But do you know what a good website is? The term ‘good’ is actually very much relative, which you probably don’t want to hear. So I apologise, but this isn’t going to be a checklist guide on how to have a brilliant website. How good your website is, depends on your business and the image you want to portray. For example, a website for an artist selling their paintings, would be ‘good’ if the website didn’t detract fr...

November 24, 2020

Every Business Starts Somewhere

All businesses start somewhere. Large corporations have their roots set in small suburban garages; multi-million dollar companies began in small home offices. Where a business starts is no indication of where it will end up. What matters is the driving force behind a business. Passionate people are what build businesses. So many people have taken the plunge into business ownership, somewhat disregarding the outside pressures to stay in a 'stable job'. And you know what? Good on them. I'm here to...

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